The Aftermath of an Earthquake in Italy

Earthquake is an uncontrollable natural disaster. No place is spared from its wrath and Italy is no exception. On Wednesday, August 25, 2016, an earthquake of 6.2-magnitude demolished parts of central Italy. Reportedly, 230 people are killed along with 360 injured and the death toll is increasing with the passage of time. Amatrice, which is known as the town of festivals and tourists is affected the most and declared as “No More”.

The aid workers are trying to rescue as many people as they could from the debris amidst the aftershocks some as severe as magnitude 5.5. It is a hard time for Italy, rescuers, authorities, and common people are trying their best to lessen the pain.

Extent of Racism in Britain

Racism and xenophobia is a part of almost every nation. In every community, there are people who spread hatred in the name of race and culture and Britain is no exception. Post-Brexit Britain is a different place to live now; there is an explosion of blatant hate, which is dividing the society. Social media sites in Britain have submitted a report of the incidents of racism, which includes gangs moving in streets asking people to speak English, attacks and assaults at the doors, ripping of head scarfs of Muslim women and telling them to obey the whites, and crowds chanting for the removal of poles and gays from Britain.

The social media groups are blaming the newly elected Prime Minister Theresa May for encouraging the hatred and creating a hostile environment because of her endorsement of advertising vans telling illegal immigrants to leave Britain.

This behavior has made the survival of the immigrants ridiculously difficult and has created a chaos in Britain.