Marijuana Startups: The Legal Challenges

Marijuana is considered in many countries as an illegal drug to possess or even sell. But thanks to science and medicine, the number of countries that are starting to legalize its possession and selling them has increased. While selling marijuana these days does look like a lucrative business, the legal challenges that you have to face may tire you out and eventually make you lose hope in opening up one. When you want to open a marijuana dispensary, you must be ready to face many obstacles.


Opportunities Abound

Indeed, it is understandable that opening up your own marijuana business is a steep battle, but the opportunities present in it are increasing every year. In fact, it is worth $30 billion. This is an approximate record of marijuana being spend by users every year. And this record is in the US only. Experts see the marijuana business as a staggering market and the number of entrepreneurs joining in the legal business of selling marijuana are hoping to cash on it, too.


With all the word out there that it is indeed a good thing for marijuana to be made available to the public, public opinion has its own limits. For entrepreneurs tackling into the “pot” industry, the path is proven to be paved with obstacles. Aside from the usual problems that all startup businesses face, they also need to deal with several roadblocks in advertising, discrimination on renting a space to do the business and the arduous regulations in banking. Don’t forget the federal law that outlaws the selling and possession of the product itself.


What about the law?

This is one big hurdle, even several states are now changing its laws regarding medical marijuana. There are certain points in the law that if you breach it, you will be facing a lawsuit. When you sell mass-sold or used marijuana to the public, you are violating federal law, even if it is on the medicinal level. This is stated according to the Creative Edge Nutrition’s CEO Bill Chabaan. There is still that long arm within the system of the federal justice. Any given time, you could be put to jail.


This means that small business owners planning to open up marijuana dispensaries should keep it in mind of the hurdles they have to face. There are a lot of hoops they have to jump through the local and state level. Even in Colorado and Washington, cities, counties and towns possess the authority to place a moratorium when selling cannabis. Every business that are going in this industry must comply with all state and local regulations and ensure that they have all the licenses to sell and grow marijuana. This means that you need to understand what you need to do and what the industry is all about. This is not to be taken for granted. But if you do the opposite, you will certainly lose it. You will even be wondering how you got yourself behind bars when you were just opening your marijuana dispensary a few weeks ago.

Is Trading with Binary Option Robot Necessary


Trading in binary option or opciones binarias is both simple and complicated. It is simple because you only select two outcomes. It is complicated because transaction speed can be too fast for your brain to be able to catch up. This scenario forces you to trade using binary options robot. The robot is just like a physical robot in many ways. For one thing, you do not do the trading yourself. The robot does it upon your instruction. Another thing is that the robot makes the calculation for you and this can be the difference between losing your investment and making a profit.

There are thousands of possible trading transaction in binary option. The key to winning in your investment is to have sufficient transaction speed. Since there is a closing time for your call, you will lose the opportunity if you cannot make your call on the specified time frame. This is where the robot will come in. The robot will do the transaction calculation for you. When this happens, you can immediately place your call and wait for the appointed time. Even if the appointed time has not come, you can continue making another call to be in the money or out of the money since you got transaction speed.

Now, what you need to do is to go out there and check the different types of robots available. Do see which one of them works best for you and can give you optimum profits. At the end of the day, you want to gain more money out of your investment and just lose them in an instant. It does pay off if you do more research. In this way, you do know whether one binary option is for real or not. This will make it a lot easier at your end to take your pick.


How Donald Trump Compares His Campaign to Brexit

June 23, 2016, was the day when Britain shocked the whole world with its decision to exit the European Union: the famous Brexit. At that time, Britain got divided into two, The Euroskeptic and the Europhiles. Common people, leaders, and politicians of the world were all having contradictory opinions. The controversial and blunt politician Donald Trump also openly supported Brexit.

Nowadays, Trump is doing his presidential campaigns. In his speeches and rallies, he is always seen comparing Brexit with his election campaigns. He congratulated Britain for making a strong decision to exit EU despite the fear of downfall of the economy. He emphasized the facts that now Britain is free to control its borders and make its own decisions. He also claimed that he sees a similarity between people of Britain and U.S. by apparently speaking on their behalf that people of U.S. want to have their borders separated, not to forget that he has always been advocating the ban of Muslims in U.S. and a border with Mexico. Trump is a clever man; he is taking full advantage of Brexit by appreciating the decision on every possible platform and criticizing opponents and even the president himself for supporting Brexit.