How to Start up Car Batteries in Cold Weather

If you’ve selected a car battery using Power Genix Systems, then you’ve made a good choice. However, cold weather can be tough on auto batteries, so it’s important to know what steps to take to get it juiced up again. Here are some helpful tips:


  1. Get a pre-winter tune-up

It’s important for your vehicle to get a pre-winter tune-up to help prevent possible car engine problems when cold winter months arrive. The best time is late autumn or early winter, so your vehicle will be ready for the frigid weather before it arrives.


Your vehicle’s ignition/fuel systems must be in tip-top shape due to the weak battery and thick oil that result from cold weather. You should also switch to a lighter oil in the wintertime. Some good options include an IOW 30/40/50 multi-grade oil. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when adding the oil to your vehicle.


  1. Do some research

It’s important to learn the basics of what cold weather can do to car batteries. There are a few issues. Oil thickens during the cold, which boosts friction and makes it tougher for the scanner motor to turn the engine.


Cold weather also slows down the chemical reaction inside the car battery. This reduces the power output. An auto battery’s output is usually rated at 77-degrees F. Under that temperature the starting power plummets.


  1. Charge up battery

This will help to keep your auto battery warm. It will help to keep your battery at full capacity/temperature and make sure that any losses caused by surface charges will get replaced. The charger’s output is low, so you can run it all night without damaging cells.


These Unix Systems tips will help to prevent you (and your battery) being left out in the cold. Make sure to take measures to prevent your car running out of power because of cold temps.