What are the Most Stunning Features of a Cordless Drill?

Choosing the best cordless drill doesn’t need to be a chore. It will only turn out that way if you do not have any idea which features the best drill must possess.


Many homeowners choose cordless drills because of its convenience. As of late, many models are created with advanced features, although some of them can’t be compared with corded drills, wherein the latter is mainly used in heavy construction. But if it is just mainly for maintenance and household construction use, getting the best-corded drill is to be done.


One of the best features of cordless drills is that it has its own Work Light. Aside from convenience, you can even work in the dark by lighting up the LED to illuminate darker areas. This provides assurance that you can reach even the most awkward areas. It also provides users hassle-free uses of the drill in different conditions.


It also comes with extended battery life. Cordless drills can’t operate without power since it doesn’t have a cord to make it run. These days, the cordless drills make use of the same lithium-ion battery that most smartphones carry these days. Its memory effect has been greatly reduced, more complete in charging and better capacity of the battery. What’s more, its lighter weight makes it already an attractive option for buyers, especially when there is no need to replace the battery every time its power is depleted. Most cordless drills these days make use of the 3 battery tech namely Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium-Ion.


Another feature that the best cordless drill possess is its hammer action. Many of the models today are equipped with such a feature; wherein its got a pulsing mechanism that can manipulate its chuck at least a thousand times per minute.